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  • Yorkshire Grove - TRA Consultation

    Yorkshire Grove has had a Tenant and Residents Association (TRA) for many years but for various reasons it has not been formerly active. A TRA is a group of residents who meet regularly to discuss ways to improve the Estate and area they live in. This includes liaising with the Housing Officer,... More

    Closed 15 March 2023

  • Lansdowne Drive Bus Gate - Proposal to extend operational times

    We are seeking your views regarding our proposal to extend the operational hours of the Lansdowne Drive bus gate. This forms part of a broader project to improve the London Fields low traffic neighbourhood (LTN), following traffic monitoring and feedback from residents during its trial... More

    Closed 12 March 2023

  • Lordship North - TRA Funds

    When Lordship North's Tenant and Resident Association dissolved, there were still funds in their bank account; a total of £3,838.76. As residents of Lordship North Estate, it is for you to decide how these funds should be spent, whether it is on estate improvement and/ or activities to develop... More

    Closed 6 March 2023

  • 'Love Hackney' Magazine

    'Love Hackney' is the Council’s new publication which replaces 'Hackney Today', 'Hackney Life' and 'Our Homes'. The motivation behind creating one magazine was to make communicating with our residents more streamlined, and to create a stronger brand recognition. We have... More

    Closed 27 February 2023

  • Rhodes Estate Survey

    Hackney Council is committed to supporting residents to understand the impact of having Rhodes as the name for your estate and community hall. Residents came to us in 2020 requesting support having raised concerns about the name. This is due to its link with Cecil John Rhodes and his documented... More

    Closed 19 February 2023

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked you to tell us what you thought of adult advocacy services in Hackney. We wanted to know what worked well, what didn't and what we could do to improve things.

You said

You told us that there were a number of areas for improvement. We have taken your feedback on board and will be procuring a new service that better meets the needs of residents who use advocacy services, especially our vulnerable residents. You can see the full report here: Advocacy Services report

Some of the things you told us were:

  • Advocacy should be accessible and culturally appropriate.
  • Advocacy should challenge (systemic) inequalities and support the borough’s most vulnerable residents.
  • Increase the amount of advocates for patients to see as this is too important.

We did

In response to what you told us:

  • We have worked hard to ensure that we offer a service that meets the needs of those who require the service and reflective of Hackney’s population. This contract will widen the scope of deliver with training and development both for community organisations and communities to be able to deliver advocacy in a way which is fully accessible and appropriate
  • We agree and will ensure effective data capture, identify trends and gaps in delivery and act on them. We will also train communities and develop the offer for underserved residents to ensure we maximise support
  • We are looking at training more people from the local communities as advocates to help increase advocate numbers. There will also be opportunities for communities to participate in alternative forms of advocacy.

We asked

We asked for your feedback on Hackney’s draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-26 which will set out the borough’s health and wellbeing priorities over the next four years.

You said

In total, 229 respondents took part in the survey. Overall, the majority of respondents stated that they agree with the suggested actions for each of the three priorities, improving mental health, increasing social connection and supporting greater financial security.

We did

As a result of the consultation we are developing an action plan using your responses to the priority actions, suggestions for additional actions and suggestions for who the Health and Wellbeing Board should work with on these actions.

For more information, please visit 

We asked

We asked you for feedback on our design proposals to improve the play area in Clapton Square.  

You said

24 local children, young people and families fed into the design process, helping to shape a set of designs to take out to public consultation. A further 101 people fed back on the design proposals, which included installing new equipment and creating a new entrance and a pathway.

Read the consultation report

We did

As a result of the consultation we are introducing more challenging equipment for older children. We are also reviewing the amount of sand on site, the surfacing underneath equipment, the design of the climbable entrance and solutions to make the shelter more welcoming and less of a focus for anti social behaviour.  

Work will start in autumn 2022.