Changing Places Facilities

Closed 6 Sep 2021

Opened 13 Aug 2021


Hackney Council is installing a brand new Changing Places facility in Haggerston Park as part of a refurbishment of the public toilet building. This will be the first Changing Places facility we have installed in an unsupervised location. 

We are keen for the facility to be easy to use and accessible to any park user who needs it. However, in an unsupervised location this presents challenges. 

We have been taking advice from accessible equipment providers and the Health Integration Team at Hackney Ark, but we would love to know what potential users of the facility need and to hear your thoughts about how to resolve some of these challenges.

Why your views matter

This engagement exercise will inform our next steps with planning the new facility in Haggerston Park and the design and installation of any accessible facilities we are able to provide in the future (subject to funding). 


  • All Areas


  • People with disabilities


  • Health and wellbeing