Haggerston Park Audrey Street School Removal Options

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Closes 10 Jul 2022

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Four design concepts for the space have been developed. The four options prioritise different things, but take into account the commitments in our new Parks and Green Spaces Strategy and the ideas and feedback of local residents and park users.

Option One features a large open flexible space, wildlife areas and fencing on the outskirts of the site to control access. Mounds and Structural planting provide landscape interest.

Option Two has more spaces for nature and biodiversity, as well as informal footpaths for quiet exploration.


Option Three features a smaller open flexible space and informal footpaths for quiet exploration

Option Four has a main footpath through it and a heavy focus on planting

The PDFs below contain annotated design concepts with more detail on each option. 

We would like you to consider the four design concepts and decide on your favourite option for the space.  

View the four design concepts by clicking here


1. From the four options above, which design concept would you choose for this area?
2. Do you have any comments about the design proposals?
3. Getting it right for everybody is always a huge challenge. To ensure we make the right decision, can you tell us your top three priorities that you would like to see us work towards for this space? *PLEASE SELECT A MAXIMUM OF THREE ANSWERS*
4. We are considering a secondary path through the space to Audrey Street in addition to the one at the end of the street. Would you support this, or would you prefer the space to be accessible from the existing entrance only?
5. What did you like about the designs ?
6. What did you dislike about the designs?
7. Do you feel anything is missing from the designs ?