Home to School Travel Policy Consultation

Closed 17 May 2024

Opened 26 Feb 2024


We are carrying out a consultation on a new “Home to School” travel policy for children and young people in Hackney. This is mainly for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

You can read the consultation paper on the new policy here.

And can read the draft policy itself in full here.

Why a new policy?

Last summer, the Department for Education published new guidance that tells councils what they must do by law and what they should do to develop good practice in home-to-school travel. Our new policy document:

  • Brings our current policies into one place – there are policies for young people with SEND, both of compulsory school age, of pre-school age and for those aged over 16; and for young people without SEND, of compulsory school age and over 16 years.

    • and in doing that, in a readable form, makes it easier to understand.

  • Talks about home to school travel more than transport to help a shift towards more independent forms of travel, away from school buses and taxis where this is possible.

    • and in doing that, shifts the focus to independent travel and sustainability. 

Other ways to take part:

You can also take part by picking up a paper copy of the survey at your local library.  You can also submit your feedback by email to travelconsultation@hackney.gov.uk

Consultation workshops

We are planning to hold several consultation workshops. If you would like to meet us to discuss the proposals, this can be arranged remotely via Google Meet with a maximum of 10 people.  To sign up to these meetings, please email us at travelconsultation@hackney.gov.uk


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