Hoxton Residents' Survey

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Closes 25 Oct 2020

Share your experiences of living in Hoxton

1. How long have you lived in Hoxton?
2. Do you currently work or study in Hoxton?
3. What is Hoxton like as a place to live?
4. What do you most value about Hoxton?
5. What places near to where you live do you visit the most?
6. What places do you avoid near to where to live? Do you feel safe during the day or at night? Please comment.
7. Please rate the following:
8. Is there anything about your neighbourhood that could be improved?
9. Do you use any of the following local services?
10. Are there any facilities or amenities that you would like to see more of in Hoxton?
11. How much do you think your neighbourhood has changed in the time you have been living in Hoxton?
12. Has this change impacted your daily way of living?
13. How has COVID-19 impacted you and/or your community?
14. How do you rate employment opportunities in your local area?
15. Do you have any suggestions or ideas that would add to your sense of community life in and around Hoxton?