Ageing Well Strategy Consultation

Closed 30 Oct 2020

Opened 23 Sep 2020


The Draft Ageing Well Strategy sets out our vision for an age-friendly borough where older residents feel empowered, informed, valued and supported; through age-friendly communities and services and specialist care if the need arises. The strategy sets out the approach the Council is taking to promote and accomplish this over the next five years. 

This strategy is about catering for the very wide range of people aged 55+ through age friendly policies, building a community that values and includes older people, benefits from their contributions and supports them in their later years. 

We want this strategy to be used as a resource by council services, providers, the community and voluntary sector, businesses, health systems and other stakeholders in order to understand the localised needs and interests of older people living in the borough. We want this focus to be as much about realising opportunities as it is about addressing issues. 

While this strategy is primarily focused on what Hackney Council will do to support older people to age well, a crucial part of this is the joined up working with partners and the local community that can enable and support this shared vision. We want to lead by example and use our influence and levers to promote a more age-friendly Hackney and learn from best practice elsewhere. This strategy aims to future proof services in Hackney as older populations will continue to increase in the future, so that policy and delivery always reflect what is required. 

Why your views matter

This draft has drawn on existing community engagement and community insight about growing older in the borough, people’s lived experiences of this and the opportunities local people want living here. This consultation is the final chance to test the high level approach set out in the draft strategy with people who live and work in the borough. 

There will be ongoing engagement with local people and a wide range of other partners as we start the work of delivering on the new commitments set out in this strategy together with others.

Please take a look at the Draft Strategy before providing your feedback. There is also a set of summary slides. You will find links to both documents below.

Please tell us what you think about each of the seven priorities of the strategy and the strategy overall. 


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