Changes to bus services in Hackney

Closed 27 Apr 2018

Opened 28 Feb 2018

Results updated 5 Dec 2018



In Hackney, most people do not own a car and rely on public transport
to get around the borough and travel to other parts of London.
While we have seen improvements with the opening of the London
Overground, there are very few train and tube stations compared to
other parts of London. There are over 40 daytime bus routes in Hackney,
as well as a comprehensive network of night buses, so almost a quarter
of Hackney residents use the bus as their main mode of transport.
In recent years, there have been changes and cuts to bus routes
in Hackney.
We need to know how these changes affect you, and how bus services
could be improved, so we can work with Transport for London to make
sure all residents have access to reliable bus services.

Why your views matter

Changes to Hackney's buses

In recent years, Transport for London has made changes to bus routes that go through Hackney. These include cutting the 242 between St Paul’s and Tottenham Court Road and the 73 between Seven Sisters and Stoke Newington and between Oxford Circus and Victoria. There are also plans to cut the 277 route between Dalston Junction and Highbury and Islington.

More recently, there has been a reduction in the frequency on a number of bus routes, meaning longer waits between buses. This includes routes: 42, 48, 106,141, 236, 242, 276, 279, 343, 349, 488, N8, N29, N35, N38 and N55.

Transport for London does not properly consult on reductions in frequency of bus routes but we understand that further cuts are to be introduced this year.

Tell us about your experience of buses

Residents have told the Council that they are concerned about the cuts and changes to bus services, but we do not have a full understanding on the impact. If you use buses, we would like to hear from you to know if you have been affected by these changes, and how.


What happens next

We will look at the results of the survey and share them with Transport for London. The evidence will feed in to any future campaigning we do on behalf of Hackney residents about bus services.


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