Hackney Naming Hub

Closes 30 Mar 2027

Opened 1 Jul 2024


Hackney Council is inviting you to add suggestions for names for future roads, buildings, and other public spaces that represent your community in Hackney.

With your help we want to create a knowledge bank of names that will help the Council to address underrepresentation in the public realm by acknowledging the history and achievements of Hackney’s diverse and migrant communities, women's histories, LGBTQIA+ histories, disabled people's histories, and working class histories.

Suggested names must be meaningful to your community, be representative of one or more of the values that are important to Hackney’s identity today: 

  • Equality Campaigns
  • Anti-racism Activity
  • Community Giving/Civic Participation 
  • Pioneering/Creativity 
  • Innovation/Entrepreneurial

Only the names of people who are no longer alive will be considered for use in the public realm.

Suggestions will be fully researched and fact checked prior to being shortlisted for potential use.  There is no guarantee that suggestions will be used, however you will be contributing to our shared understanding of Hackney and its diverse communities.

The Naming Hub will be monitored, and any suggestions considered offensive will be removed. 

After you have entered information about your suggestion, you will be asked a few questions about yourself. We want to hear from all communities and we only know if we are achieving this, if you give information about your background.

How to submit a naming suggestion

First drop your pin on a location, ideally where your name most relates (e.g where a person was active/lived). You can zoom in and out of the map if needed, or search a location by postcode.  

When you have dropped your pin you will be asked to enter some information about the name you are suggesting. Please include why this suggestion is important to you/your community, and provide dates to aid fact-checking.

You can insert internet links to articles if appropriate as this will aid further research. 

To see the names other people have submitted, simply click on the purple pins already on the map. 

Please provide your email address so we can contact you, if a follow up is needed for further research.

Are there other ways to submit a name?

If you prefer to email us your suggestion or have any questions, please get in touch by emailing naminghub@hackney.gov.uk 


Why your views matter

In 2020 Hackney Council reviewed our place and building names, and historical plaques. It was clear that our rich and diverse history is not represented in Hackney’s Public Realm. To make our shared spaces more inclusive we need your help by adding suggestions that are meaningful and representative of your community.

With your help we will create a knowledge bank of inclusive stories that will help us to address underrepresentation in the public realm and acknowledge the history and achievements of diverse and migrant communities, women, LGBTQI+ people, disabled people, and the working class histories. 

This knowledge bank will help as we work to building new homes and regeneate Hackney's housing esates.

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  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Planning