Impact of COVID-19 on the community

Closed 19 Jun 2020

Opened 27 Apr 2020


Dear Hackney resident,

We know this is a challenging time for all of us, nationally and locally. At this time Hackney Council is providing a number of services for local residents: some we provided before and some new. We want these to be as useful as possible over the duration of this period. We therefore need your feedback so we know how the situation is for you.
Please can you help us make our services as useful as possible by answering the following questions.
Please share this survey with your friends and family, who live in Hackney, to ensure participation by a wide variety of residents. 

You will be asked to provide your name and postcode to confirm where you live. This lets us know which general area of the borough respondents live in. Your response will remain anonymous, and your information will be secure.

We also ask for your email address, so we can contact you occasionally with new questions. Your answers will be completely confidential and survey results will be reported in group form only.
Cllr Christopher Kennedy 
Cabinet Member for Health, Adult Social Care and Leisure

Why your views matter

We want to hear about how you are managing during the current COVID-19 crisis.

There are 10  short sections in the survey. Please fill out as much as possible to help us get a better understanding of how we can respond to residents' needs during this time and beyond. 


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