Let's Get London Voting

Closed 14 Feb 2024

Opened 23 Jan 2024


MPs vote for controversial legislation to introduce voter ID | UK News |  Sky News

Let’s Get London Voting Campaign - register to take part in focus groups!

London will host two major sets of elections in 2024 – the May GLA and London Mayoral elections, and the next General Election.  

Voters will need to show photographic ID to vote at the local and National elections.  

We’d like to hear your feedback to inform the development of the “Lets get Voting '' campaign, to raise awareness of the new ID requirements for the upcoming elections.  

We’d particularly like to hear from young people, aged 18 to 24, who are eligible to vote in the UK.  

Participants in the focus groups will be given a £20 digital Love2Shop or Prepaid MasterCard voucher as a thank you for attending one of the focus groups.  Please note that this will be an online focus group, and that spaces are limited.

To register your interest to attend, please complete this short survey and provide your contact details. We’ll contact you with further details if you are selected to take part.


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