Resident Engagement Strategy Consultation

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Closes 4 Sep 2022

Priority 1: Embed a 'Resident First' culture across the Housing Service

We believe that a positive culture of resident engagement starts at the top. Our Housing Service leaders need to lay the foundations for continuous listening and learning across the service and amongst all staff.

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To realise our leadership role we will:

  • Ensure that residents are engaged in shaping significant changes to housing policy or management arrangements, and have genuine opportunities to influence new ways of working.
  • Make sure all major housing reports and new policies show how residents have been consulted, and how the proposals will affect residents.
  • Promote more visibility of leaders and managers in the community, through attendance at Area Panels, consultations and community events.
  • Update and publicise our housing services standards in partnership with residents – and present them in ways which are meaningful and measurable.
  • Draw upon the Chartered Institute of Housing Professional Standards to shape a staff training programme that promotes collaborative working and equips staff with the skills and knowledge to engage with residents effectively.
  • Develop a Housing Communication Strategy setting out how we will keep residents informed – and tailor our approach to meet different needs.
  • Publish ‘you said, we did’ updates in each edition of ‘Our Homes’ and via our housing e-newsletters.
1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this priority and the proposals we are making?