Social value discussion group registration

Closed 28 Jan 2020

Opened 16 Dec 2019


Every five years Hackney Council employs a number of building contractors who will be responsible for carrying out some of the biggest repair, maintenance, and improvement and redecoration work to its homes and estates.

New contractors must demonstrate how they can provide ‘social value’ in order to work with us - this could include anything from how the contractor will support local employment opportunities to how the contractor will take action to improve the environment.

The Council already has a strategy to encourage and measure social value, but this particular process allows us to be more specific with contractors before they are allowed to work for us.

The Council would like to invite Council housing residents to take part in discussion groups to explore social value in more detail. Residents who take part will be offered a £20 Love2Shop voucher as a thank you for taking part.

The discussion groups will take place in a central Hackney location between 6.30pm and 8.30pm on the following days:

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Thursday 6 February 2020


  • All Areas


  • Council tenants
  • Council leaseholders


  • Gathering ideas