Private Sector Housing Strategy

Closes 18 Sep 2024

Opened 10 Jul 2024


Hackney Council’s new Private Sector Housing Strategy is driven by our commitment to ensuring our private sector homes are safe, sustainable and well-managed, with fair rents where residents are proud to live. 
Hackney is facing an unprecedented housing crisis. The borough’s growing population now relies more than ever on the private rented sector, which has doubled in the last decade due to the lack of social housing supply and home ownership being out of reach for most of our residents. This surge in demand has outpaced supply, driving up prices and limiting choices for residents.

The impact of these changes is significant. Although most landlords provide a professional service, the increased demand has allowed some to exploit a poorly regulated private rented sector, forcing many families into difficult situations.

Our strategy aims to address these challenges by fostering a balanced, fair, and sustainable housing market that supports the well-being and aspirations of Hackney residents. 

The input of our residents, landlords and our partner organisations is vital in helping us shape this strategy and achieve our goals. Please share your feedback on this draft private sector housing strategy.

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