Making Daubeney Fields an active place for everyone

Closed 4 Jan 2023

Opened 18 Nov 2022


Through the King’s Park Moving Together programme, local people have told us how important Daubeney Fields is to them. But we have also heard that the park could be more welcoming and used for more activities: a place where everyone in the community can spend time outdoors, connect with others and be active.

We’ve been working with community partners to look at improvements that can be made to the park based on what we’ve heard from the community. As a first step, we have made the entrances more welcoming, opening up views into the park. 

Over the coming months, we will be working with the community to develop further plans, including:

  • Creating new paths, to make it easier to move around the park

  • Introducing a small outdoor gym, so people across the community can workout for free

  • Improving the adventure playground, so that children can play outdoors regardless of the weather

  • Exploring ways to use the unique opportunity of the canal for physical activity

Why your views matter

We would like to know what you think, about the proposls for the new pathways and the outdoor gym. We want to hear your ideas for activities and what support would enable you to use the park to be more active.

Outdoor gym proposals


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