Review of Parking Zone A (Wenlock) Consultation

Closed 13 Nov 2017

Opened 25 Sep 2017

Results expected 31 Jan 2018


As part of our Parking and Enforcement Plan (PEP) we have made a commitment to review Parking Zones (PZ) where there is genuine need to ensure that the parking controls in the area continue to meet the needs of residents and businesses.

Parking Services are aware that there have been a number of changes to roads within Parking Zone A since the last review of parking controls in 2009, and as a result are proposing to make some changes to the bay type allocation throughout the zone and to introduce additional visitor (shared use) bays to balance the needs of all road users.

The review process is a great opportunity for us to hear about your parking experience within your Parking Zone and to find out whether it’s currently meeting your parking needs.

What Happens Next

13 November 2017

Closing date of consultation and last day to return your questionnaire.

January 2018

Consultation results will be made available to residents and businesses. A summary consultation pack detailing the results will be sent to all residents and businesses in the area by post and will be available on the Hackney website.


  • Hoxton East and Shoreditch
  • Hoxton West


  • Business
  • Residents


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