Stage One and Two 'combined' consultation - Introduction of parking controls in Zone T displacement area (Stamford Hill)

Closed 5 Jan 2018

Opened 20 Nov 2017

Results Updated 22 Nov 2018

Statutory Objections

The Council received a number of objections from the parking zone T displacement area during the statutory consultation period. 

All objections have now been considered and a decision has been made by the Council.

A copy of the decision audit report which outlines the decision made and reasons for the decision can be found below.

Consultation Feedback

We are pleased to announce that the result of the Stage One and Two consultation on the introduction of parking controls in zone T displacement (Stamford Hill area) is now available on our website.

A copy of the approved delegated report which details the decision made by the Council has been attached below. 

Summary leaflets detailing the results of the consultation and final decision made by the Council will shortly be sent out by post to all residents and businesses in the area.



Between October and November 2015, Parking Services consulted you and surrounding roads in your area on the introduction of parking controls. The results of the consultation indicated that a number of streets nearby, including Alkham Road and Margaret Road, were in support of parking controls. As a result of the feedback, parking controls are being introduced in those roads in December 2017.

As your road was not in favour of parking restrictions at the time, it remained uncontrolled.

Since the results of the initial consultation were released, Parking Services has received feedback from uncontrolled roads requesting for the introduction of controls.

We recognise that the introduction of controls in the nearby area will have an impact on parking in your road and other uncontrolled roads in your area. To minimise the impact of parking pressure in these roads, we are re-consulting residents and businesses in these roads to provide them with another opportunity to have their say on the introduction of parking controls.

Parking Services are carrying out a ‘combined’ stage 1 and 2 consultation to ensure that controls are implemented in a timely manner if residents are in favour.

We are requesting your feedback on:

• Support for parking controls.

• The proposed design of parking controls for the area.

Please see the attached User friendly map for more information about the area being consulted and proposed design of the parking restrictions.

What Happens Next

Consultation Results – February 2018

Consultation results will be made available to residents and businesses. A summary consultation booklet, detailing the results, will be sent to all residents and businesses in the area by post and will be available on the Hackney website.

If you have any questions regarding the consultation please contact us through the Hackney Service Centre on 020 8356 8877 or email:


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