Draft Climate Action Plan Consultation

Closed 10 Jan 2023

Opened 1 Nov 2022


We’re consulting on Hackney’s draft Climate Action Plan for 2023-2030.

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) sets out an integrated approach for tackling the climate and ecological crisis. It provides a framework for everyone to take action to reduce emissions and adapt to the climate change that is already occurring, driven by an ambitious vision for a greener Hackney in 2030. This CAP is designed to set us in the right direction, but it will continue to be developed to keep pace with shifts across society, technology and wider policy, including the changing needs of communities, groups and organisations in Hackney. 

Key themes in the Hackney Climate Action Plan:
The Climate Action Plan sets out the ambitious, science-based changes that we can work towards achieving by 2030. All of these changes are organised into five themes: Adaptation, Buildings, Transport, Consumption and Environmental Quality. Within each theme, we have identified a set of ambitious 2030 goals. 

Adaptation - ensuring that we are prepared for and resilient to the impacts of the climate emergency, protecting our most vulnerable residents. 
Buildings - removing gas boilers, adding solar panels and decreasing energy use in our buildings, reducing fuel poverty. 
Transport - reducing emissions from the transport network, improving air quality and helping residents live active and healthy lifestyles. 
Consumption - changing what and how we buy, use and sell, creating a new green economy in Hackney. 
Environmental Quality - maximising the potential for biodiversity in our green spaces, reducing pollution and helping local ecosystems thrive. 

The Climate Action Plan aims to:

  • Outline what a greener Hackney could look like by 2030 based on a fair and just transition to net zero
  • Build a shared understanding of the problem we face as a borough – and how we can work together to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change
  • Help residents, businesses and other organisations to see their place in our shared response to climate change
  • Identify areas where local partners can collaborate on key strategic challenges such as financing and policy change 
  • Outline initial proposals for monitoring and governance arrangements, as well as steps to support future stakeholder engagement requirements
  • Use the final adopted plan to shape agreements on how to work together to achieve shared goals


Why your views matter

Your feedback will help us to ensure the goals and objectives for tackling the climate crises are ambitious and achievable and consider the impact on and needs of all our communities.

To complete the survey, please refer to the summary or full version of the Climate Action Plan:

Summary of the Draft Climate Action Plan

Full Draft Climate Action Plan

Draft Implementation Plan

If you would like to complete a paper survey or need any information on this consultation in a different format please email consultation@hackney.gov.uk. We’ll consider your request and get back to you in 5 working days.

If you'd prefer to answer a short version of the survey, take part here.


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