Charles Square

Closed 7 Nov 2021

Opened 11 Oct 2021

Results updated 20 Jun 2023

Thank you to everyone who responded to this consultation.

The delegated powers decision report showing the results of the consultation is available to download below.



Hackney Council has secured funding to improve Charles Square in Shoreditch. Although the funding is limited, additional funding may become available for a second phase of improvements. In either case, we aim to accommodate as many ideas as possible.

Our plans for Charles Square include making the square more accessible, inclusive, sustainable and attractive.

If you live around Charles Square or use it we would love to hear how you currently feel about Charles Square, what you like and dislike, and what you think of our proposals. This will help to shape the final set of designs.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we aren’t able to run design and feedback sessions with children, families and schools in the way we usually do. If you have children in your home we’d love to hear what they think of the designs. Please include their views when completing the survey.

Have your say

Please complete the survey below to give your views. You will also have the option to register to participate in an online focus group via Zoom. On 3 November between 12pm and 2pm we will be in the square, so drop by if you have any questions or would like to discuss your views with us in more depth.


  • Hoxton East and Shoreditch


  • Residents


  • Understanding views
  • Gathering ideas