Darnley Road – Elsdale Street Area Traffic Reduction Scheme

Closed 21 Jul 2017

Opened 7 Jun 2017


This consultation lays out Hackney Council’s proposals for improvements within the Darnley Road - Elsdale Street Area.


Why We Are Consulting

The Council is committed to making Hackney’s roads safer for everyone living, working and visiting the borough. Creating an environment that will encourage more walking and cycling is a key part of Hackney’s Transport Strategy and improving air
quality within the borough.
To work towards achieving these ambitions, Hackney Council is developing a number of schemes and proposals to ensure that Hackney will be a place where residents and visitors will feel welcomed, safe and enjoy neighbourhoods with low volumes and speeds of vehicular traffic. 
There are a number of areas and neighbourhoods within Hackney that experience a high number of vehicles travelling at speeds that are at times too high for the local environment. 
An effective method of achieving safe, green and thriving neighbourhoods is through restricting the number of through movements or “rat runs” for vehicular traffic entering and exiting the borough, whilst still allowing local residents to access their homes by car. This also helps towards improving air quality and reducing emissions within the local area. 
During the past 18 months the Council has been conducting a feasibility study analysing traffic speeds, traffic volumes and accidents in the streets bounded by Mare Street, Morning Lane and Well Street where through routes are frequently used to
avoid the main road network. 
The study showed there are a number of routes heavily used by traffic to bypass the main road network for a quicker through route in and out of Hackney. Vehicles travel in a broadly east-west direction between the City and the A12, and primarily consist of non-local traffic. For example, between 5pm and 6pm, 414 vehicles travelled
through Darnley Road. 
Residents have raised concerns with the Council about the difficulties pedestrians experience at the junction of Elsdale Street with Well Street, and that of Elsdale Street with Terrace Road due to through traffic. 
As a result of the analysis and public concerns and discussions with residents, local stakeholder groups and Councillors in the area, the Council has developed a scheme to reduce the amount of vehicles using these residential roads and dispersing them back onto the main road. 
The scheme (as shown on the plan overleaf) would consist of two “point” road closures in Darnley Road and Loddiges Road, and the reversion of a section of Brenthouse Road from “one-way” to “two-way”.  Combined, these would cut off the majority of the east-west flows while still allowing local access. 
Examples of “point” closures are shown on the attached documents. These closures would still continue to allow pedestrian, cyclists and emergency vehicle access. 
What is the proposed scheme?
Please refer to the detailed plan overleaf. All 3 measures would be needed for the scheme to be successful.
1) Loddiges Road junction with Frampton Park Road
A point road closure to through vehicular traffic at the junction of Loddiges Road and Frampton Park Road. This would enable any vehicles attempting to pass through the area to exit back onto Mare Street or Well Street.
2) Darnley Road junction with Brenthouse Road
A point road closure to through vehicular traffic at the junction of Darnley Road and
Brenthouse Road. This would enable any vehicles attempting to pass through the area to exit back onto Mare Street, Well Street or Morning Lane.
3) Brenthouse Road
A section of Brenthouse Road (from the junction with Frampton Park Road to the junction with Darnley Road), would be reverted from one-way to two-way to ensure vehicles travelling along Darnley Road from the west (Mare Street) are able to travel back towards Mare Street due to the proposed road closure at Darnley Road junction with Brenthouse Road.
Please refer to the attached (A3 Map) drawings for details of the proposals.
Other works in the area
You may be aware that works have recently been implemented at Brenthouse Road junction with Darnley Road and Frampton Park Road to improve safety by calming traffic speeds. The work was of a relatively minor nature, did not involve any changes to traffic or parking restrictions and does not form part of this consultation. These works will not be affected as part of the proposals within this consultation document.


What Happens Next

Your views will be taken into account as part of the detailed design process. We expect construction works to commence in summer 2017.
Residents and local businesses will be notified by post of the construction and implementation dates up to two weeks before the work starts.
Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.



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