Flanders Way - Proposed Road Safety Improvements (Traffic modal filter)

Closed 19 Dec 2021

Opened 22 Nov 2021

Results updated 6 Mar 2023

Thank you to everyone who responded to this consultation.

The delegated powers decision report showing the results of the consultation is available to download below.



We are seeking your views on proposals to improve road safety on Flanders Way and transform it into a high-quality public space.

Update: Drop-in event

Following internal Council coronavirus guidance on external events, we regret to inform you that we have cancelled the drop-in event for local residents at Gascoyne 2 Community Hall (Wick Estate, 2A Wick Road, E9 5AY) on Tuesday, 14 December 2021 from 11am - 6pm.

Why are these changes being proposed?

These proposals form part of our long term vision for streets in Hackney. We want to create streets that are safe, easy to walk or cycle on, reduce vehicle dominance and help to improve air quality.

The Council’s Transport Strategy recognises that roads and streets in our neighbourhoods are not just places to park vehicles or drive, walk and cycle on; they make up the largest element of the public realm of the city and are the places where we socialise and live our lives. We would like to transform Hackney’s neighbourhoods into the most attractive and liveable neighbourhoods in London. This aspiration can only be achieved by reducing the dominance of the private vehicle primarily through managing on-street parking and reducing traffic flows.

The Wick Road Two-way scheme was implemented in August 2018 to improve cycle accessibility to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Stratford City by encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of transport. For more about the Wick Road scheme, see: hackney.gov.uk/wick-road

While these traffic management measures were put in place to address cycle permeability, slow down speeding vehicles, contribute to environmental improvements with trees and sustainable drainage and improve the flow of vehicles travelling out to the A12, there are a couple of locations that now require traffic mitigation due to traffic diverting onto residential roads to bypass traffic junctions. There have been a number of complaints received by the Council as a result of the Wick Road Two-way scheme with regards to safety and the increase in the number of vehicles using Flanders Way.

Flanders Way has had an increase of roughly 300 vehicles per day on average since the implementation of the Wick Road scheme. This is due to vehicles turning right from Wick Road into Flanders Way to exit onto Morning Lane in the morning peak time and vehicles turning left from Morning Lane into Flanders Way to exit onto Wick Road in the afternoon peak time. This route is taken to avoid the traffic lights at the Wick Road and Morning Lane junction.

Flanders Way is used as a route by pedestrians to reach Berger Primary School which is accessed via Anderson Road. It is also used by local pupils walking to Cardinal Pole Catholic Secondary School. Berger Primary School and Cardinal Pole Catholic School staff car parking access is also located off Flanders Way. Furthermore, Flanders Way contains a basketball court for local children to play and socialise on, making improvements to road safety vital. 

What are the proposals?

Please refer to this drawing for further details.

We are proposing to close Flanders Way at the junction with Wick Road, to create an area with less through traffic and cleaner air.

These proposals aim to improve the way this space looks and feels, making the public realm more pedestrian friendly. We believe that by making the environment safer and more attractive, walking would be encouraged. Should the proposals be implemented following consultation, we will be intending to close the junction to through traffic by means of a traffic modal filter, i.e. installing planters with trees and shrubs to facilitate the greening of the environment. Resident access, car park and delivery access to Flanders Way will be maintained from Morning Lane.

The proposed scheme will include:

  • allowing access for bicycles, emergency and refuse vehicles through the modal filter
  • reducing levels of pollution
  • reducing potential road accidents
  • making it easier and safer to walk and cycle
  • the loss of a car parking space along Flanders Way.

All residents and school staff requiring access to Flanders Way would still be able to drive to their property, but access would be via the junction with Morning Lane.

What happens next?

Your views will also be taken into account as part of the detailed design process. We will publish the consultation responses as well as the decisions made on this page.

Permanent works

If the scheme goes ahead, following consultation, we expect construction works to start in February 2022 with completion in about two weeks. Further information regarding the works will be sent out closer to the time.


  • Hackney Wick
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  • Lea Bridge
  • Victoria


  • Anyone from any background


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