Olinda Road Traffic Management Scheme

Closed 7 Apr 2017

Opened 14 Mar 2017


This consultation document is about gathering views from the public on the proposal to improve traffic flow for vehicles along Olinda Road.

Why We Are Consulting

Improving road safety and managing the borough’s road network as effectively and efficiently as possible are key transport priorities for Hackney Council.
To achieve these, the Council has developed a programme of schemes to provide a safer, more accessible street environment for road users.
The Council has received complaints from local residents concerning traffic congestion in Olinda Road, which is caused by the high number of vehicles parked on both sides combined with the relatively narrow road width. This not only makes it difficult for vehicles to pass one another, but also restricts visibility for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.
The congestion has resulted in opposing vehicles finding it difficult to pass one another, as there are very few passing spaces available throughout the majority of the day.
A recent consultation on a Controlled Parking Zone in this road, which would have helped with this issue, was rejected by residents. As a consequence we are now presenting the proposal of two passing places, for your consideration, that would help manage traffic more effectively and would also help improve visibility for all users.
What is the proposed scheme?
Two “passing places”, resulting in the loss of 6 parking spaces, but which will enable vehicles to pass each other without confrontation.

What Happens Next

Subject to feedback from the consultation process it is expected that works would be programmed to commence early 2017.
Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback


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