Morning Lane Tesco store

Closes 29 Feb 2024

Opened 11 Sep 2023


Picture of the tesco car park at Morning Lane

Consultation is expected to begin in spring 2024

What we’re doing

In 2017, the Council bought the land at 55 Morning Lane, home to the large Tesco supermarket, to ensure it had more control over what could be built in a key town centre location after Tesco announced its intention to find a buyer for the site.

We are now working to appoint a development partner to work in partnership to develop the site, with a commitment to putting the priorities of the local community first.

Why we’re doing it

This site has been identified in Hackney’s Local Plan as a suitable location for new development to help meet the needs of a growing population. The Council’s ownership means it can work with the community to shape this development, ensuring opportunities for businesses and more jobs, genuinely affordable homes, high-quality and greener public spaces and – crucially –  keeping a Tesco store. 

How we’re doing it

Any development on the site will prioritise genuinely affordable housing, pursuing every opportunity to maximise new social housing, including funding this ourselves and working alongside the GLA and other potential funders. 

We’re committed to retaining a Tesco supermarket as part of any new plan for the site, as well as incorporating opportunities for businesses and more jobs, and high-quality and greener public spaces.

In the same spirit as speaking to thousands of local people about the long-term future of Hackney Central through the town centre strategy, we will develop these plans in collaboration with the local community. We’re committed to undertaking a co-design process with local residents, businesses and stakeholders to capture feedback and ensure that any future plans for the area reflect the shared aspirations for this significant site.

We’ll keep you informed about these plans, and the opportunities to help inform the changes that take place. 

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