Repurposing empty buildings

Closes 29 Feb 2024

Opened 11 Sep 2023


Picture of Mare Street in Hackney Central

Consultation is expected to begin in spring 2024

What we’re doing

We’re investing in vacant buildings and sites in Hackney Central, breathing new life into existing buildings, ensuring the town centre maintains its vibrancy, and bringing in new uses and facilities that the community can benefit from.

Why we’re doing it

While Hackney Central remains a busy, lively town centre, some shops and commercial spaces are sitting empty. From our conversations with local people, we know there are concerns about the effect this has on the overall character of the area, including perceptions of safety.

We’re keen to address this now rather than allow it to instigate a wider decline in the town centre to ensure we utilise all assets in the town centre and maintain footfall that existing businesses can benefit from.

How we’re doing it

We recently secured funding from the government’s Levelling Up Fund for projects across Hackney Central town centre, and have earmarked part of this funding to repurpose empty buildings to bring them back into use.

In the coming months, we’ll be exploring opportunities to work with landlords and property owners to bring empty or underused spaces back into use and repurpose the Council’s own facilities to better serve the community.

This could include increased cultural activities and temporary uses to drive-up footfall and interest in Hackney Central, attracting visitors from the local area and beyond.

We’ll keep you informed about these plans, and the opportunities to help inform the changes that take place. 

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