Rhodes Estate Renaming Consultation

Closed 7 Jan 2024

Opened 10 Nov 2023


In 2020, your Residents and Tenants Association requested support from the Council’s Review, Rename & Reclaim programme to consult on the name of the Estate and Community Hall. This is the name given to Hackney Council’s review into the legacies of African enslavement history and colonialism in Hackney. 

Engagement took place on the estate in 2022 with a consultation taking place in January 2023. This returned a 63% majority agreeing to renaming the estate. 

In July 2023 your resident naming panel, including your ward councillors, agreed the shortlist of three names.

Please vote for your preferred name.

This is a resident-led name change, and your opportunity to decide on the new name for the estate and community hall. Please complete the survey to record your preferred name.

Why your views matter

We are carrying out a public consultation to give people the opportunity to decide on the new name for the estate and ask local residents their views on renaming streets, buildings and public spaces in Hackney. 

What happens next

Next Steps

The final name chosen by residents will be announced by the end of Febuary 2024. 


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  • Voting