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  • Dalston Themed Workshops and Walkabouts

    Thank you for your interest in attending this series of workshops which will enhance our work around the Dalston Conversation and help to inform our initial ideas for emerging planning and regeneration documents for Dalston town centre. The Council value local... More
    Closed 26 February 2019
  • Clapton Common (Belz Terrace) and Overlea Road - One-way proposal

    Help us improve Clapton Common We are seeking your views on a proposed scheme for a one-way traffic system along Belz Terrace and Overlea Road. Why are these changes being proposed? The Council is committed to making Hackney’s roads safer for everyone living,... More
    Closed 24 February 2019
  • Detmold Road - Southwold Primary School - School Streets proposal

    Consultation extended to Friday 22 February 2019. Hackney Council is gathering views on a proposed School Street scheme to improve local air quality and make it safer and easier for children to walk and cycle to school. Detmold Road from the junction of Mount Pleasant Hill would... More
    Closed 22 February 2019
  • Stage One and Two 'combined' consultation - Introduction of parking controls in Zone U Displacement Area (Upper Clapton)

    Parking Services recently consulted and implemented parking controls in nearby roads in the Upper Clapton area in 2018 (Zone U). Since parking controls were introduced in the above area, we have received a high number of requests and a petition for the introduction of parking... More
    Closed 22 February 2019
  • Audrey Street - Sebright Primary School and City of London Academy Shoreditch Park - School Streets proposal

    What is this consultation about? Hackney Council is gathering views on a proposed School Street scheme to improve local air quality and make it safer and easier for children to walk and cycle to school. Audrey Street from the junction of Goldsmiths Row would temporarily become a... More
    Closed 4 February 2019
  • Help us name the new blocks at Tower Court

    We're looking for your help to identify a naming strategy for the new buildings at Tower Court! The four themes and potential examples of block names are: Trees ... More
    Closed 13 January 2019
  • Hackney Local Implementation Plan (2019-2022) Consultation

    Consultation extended to Sunday 6 January 2019. We are now consulting on the objectives and targets of the new Draft Local Implementation Plan (LIP) which demonstrates how we will contribute to achieving the London Mayor’s Transport Strategy goals for up to 2041. All London boroughs... More
    Closed 6 January 2019
  • Cycle Superhighway Route 1 (CS1) Scheme - Balls Pond Road between the junctions of Culford Road and Kingsbury Road

    What is this consultation about? Hackney Council is working with Islington Council and Transport for London (TfL) to make improvements to the Cycle Superhighway Route 1 (CS1) on Balls Pond Road. In February 2015 TfL in partnership with Hackney Council consulted on the CS1... More
    Closed 21 December 2018
  • Provost Street, Nile Street and Ebenezer Street - Public realm improvement and traffic reduction schemes

    We are seeking your views on two proposals in the Hoxton area. The first seeks to create a new high-quality public space at the junction of Provost Street and Vestry Street by closing part of Provost Street to vehicles. The second proposal is for two additional road... More
    Closed 21 December 2018
  • Wick Woodland PSPO Consultation 2018

    For a number of years the Council has received numerous complaints about unauthorised gatherings and associated noise, littering and other antisocial behaviour (ASB) taking place in Wick Woodland (by Hackney Marshes). This includes large antisocial parties and raves that cause significant noise... More
    Closed 12 December 2018
  • Zone R Parking Review

    As part of our Parking and Enforcement Plan (PEP) we have made a commitment to review Parking Zones (PZ) within a year of implementation to ensure that the parking controls in the area continue to meet the needs of residents and businesses. The review process is a great opportunity for us to... More
    Closed 10 December 2018
  • Dalston Conversation Community Event

    Thank you for your interest in joining in the Dalston Conversation . The Event on 27th November is now fully subscribed. We will be keeping residents and businesses updated on the discussions at the event in the news section on the Dalston Conversation project page. If you are... More
    Closed 24 November 2018
  • Englefield Road - De Beauvoir area - Environmental and cycle improvements to CS1

    This consultation seeks to gather your views on Hackney Council’s proposals to implement further improvements to the environment for cyclists and pedestrians on the Cycle Superhighway Route 1 (CS1) through the De Beauvoir area. The proposals will create a new zebra crossing for pedestrians... More
    Closed 23 November 2018
  • Recruitment to Resident Liaison Group

    Join the resident panel and help improve your estate and neighbourhood. We are looking for residents who have a passion for improving the communities they live in and to sit on a panel that has direct influence on how housing services provided by the Council are... More
    Closed 14 November 2018
  • Worship Square - Public Realm Improvement Scheme

    Help us improve the Clifton Street and Worship Street junction We are seeking your views on a proposed scheme to create a new high quality public space at the junction of Clifton Street and Worship Street. More
    Closed 11 November 2018
  • Wick Road - Boundary Change

    The works currently being carried out on Wick Road by the Council’s Highways team have resulted in the loss of all parking bays on the northern side of Wick Road. As a result, Parking Services have received requests from some residents on Wick Road asking for the opportunity to park in... More
    Closed 7 November 2018
  • Have your say on blue badge parking

    Summary Following requests from resident blue badge holders, Hackney Council is proposing to introduce personalised disabled bays in Hackney and amend the current companion badge parking permissions. The aim is to: better protect disabled parking for... More
    Closed 5 November 2018
  • Stage One and Two 'combined' consultation - Introduction of parking controls in Zone T Extension area (Cazenove and Spingfield Wards)

    Between October and November 2015, Parking Services consulted you and surrounding roads in your area on the introduction of parking controls. The results of the consultation indicated that only a small number of streets including Alkham Road and Margaret Road were in... More
    Closed 5 November 2018
  • Stage One consultation on the Introduction of Parking Controls in proposed zone V area (Woodberry Down, Stamford Hill West and Springfield wards)

    Parking Services consulted you and surrounding roads in your area between October and November 2015 on the introduction of parking controls. The results of the consultation indicated that none of the streets in your area were in support of parking controls so these were not... More
    Closed 17 October 2018
  • Help Shape Carer's Services in Hackney - Carer's Questionnaire

    Adult carers or residents who regularly provide help and assistance to someone over the age of 18 are being asked to share their views on services the Council provides to support them. We're interested in hearing about your experiences as an unpaid adult carer and finding out about... More
    Closed 15 October 2018
  • Hackney Transport Survey 2018 - Public

    Hackney Council would like to find out how residents who work in Hackney travel to work as part of a huge borough-wide survey to encourage greener travel. The information from this survey will help us understand how people travel to work, what would encourage people to walk and cycle more or... More
    Closed 14 October 2018
  • Leaseholder & Freeholder Open Day Workshops

    At the Leaseholder & Freeholder Open day, we are seeking the views of Hackney Leaseholders & Freeholders through two workshops. Those who attend and contribute to a one hour workshop will be given a £20 Love2Shop voucher as a thank you for taking part. The two workshops are: 1. Sevice... More
    Closed 7 October 2018
  • De Beauvoir Chicane Survey

    Police officers that patrol the estate have received numerous complaints from residents regarding mopeds and motorbikes riding through the estate, particularly in the area close to St Helier Court leading to the canal path and Whitmore Bridge, which is dangerous to both pedestrians and cyclists.... More
    Closed 5 October 2018
  • Consultation on Hackney's Draft Single Equality Scheme 2018-21

    The Single Equality Scheme is Hackney Council's strategy for making sure the borough becomes a fairer and more equal place to live and work. Hackney is changing fast. The population has increased by a third since 2000, there are more affluent people, house prices have doubled since 2010.... More
    Closed 30 September 2018
  • Single Equality Scheme Workshops

    Have your say on Hackney's Equalities Plan Hackney Council has created a Single Equality Scheme to identify groups who may be disadvantaged and ensure services are run in a way that bring people and communities together. Hackney residents... More
    Closed 21 September 2018
  • Hackney Carnival Audience Feedback Survey

    Thank you very much for attending this year's Hackney Carnival, we hope that you had a great time! Please use this short survey to share your thoughts on the event. Your feedback will be useful and help us to plan events in the future. More
    Closed 16 September 2018
  • Gambling Statement of Principles Consultation

    Hackney Council is the Licensing Authority under the Gambling Act 2005. This gives the Council responsibility for issuing gambling premises licences and a range of permits to local authorities. More
    Closed 14 September 2018
  • New Build Services Survey

    The council are interested in your initial experience of moving into your new home in Kings Crescent. Your views help us to understand what parts of the viewings, sales or allocations, moving in and initial maintenance experiences have worked well for you and your family and which could be... More
    Closed 31 July 2018
  • Brunswick Place Gate - Public Realm Improvement Scheme

    Help us to improve Brunswick Place We are seeking your views on this proposed scheme to create a new high quality public space on Brunswick Place. Why This is part of a new approach to making the streets of Shoreditch and Hoxton work better for people - a long term vision to create... More
    Closed 29 July 2018
  • Mayor's Office Review Consultation

    A review of the Mayor’s Office was commissioned by the Chief Executive in September 2017 as part of a wider restructure of the Chief Executive’s Directorate. The review is being led by Stephen Haynes, Director of Strategy, Policy & Economic Development, as the Director responsible for the... More
    Closed 17 July 2018
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