Local Housing Surgeries Survey

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Closes 12 Dec 2022

Survey Questions


1. Which neighbourhood area do you live in?
2. What estate or street do you live on?
3. Which of the following venues are your preferred choices for a local housing surgery? (Please rate your top three preferred locations from 1 - 3, with 1 being your first preference)
4. Are there any other Council buildings or community centres in your local area that you think would be a suitable venue for a housing surgery?
5. We will be providing one housing surgery each week in your local area during normal office hours. What days of the week are you most likely to visit the housing surgery? (Please tick all that apply)
6. The housing surgeries will be delivered in 3-hour slots. What time would you prefer the service to be available? (Please tick all that apply)
7. How would you like the local surgeries to be run?
8. What housing services would you want to be able to access at the surgery? (Please tick all that apply)
9. In the future, we may expand the housing surgeries to include other services that are of interest and benefit to residents. This will depend on availability and demand. If this happens, what other services would you like to see at the housing surgery?
10. Do you need any additional support to help you access the housing surgery?
11. Do you have any other comments?