Full Fibre Internet for Social Housing Residents

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Closes 22 Dec 2019

Tell us what you think

1. Do you support Hackney Council’s plans to have full fibre internet installed to social housing as outlined in the summary document?
2. Please explain your answer
3. Community benefits

Hackney Council will ask fibre internet providers to contribute to community initiatives. Some of the possible initiatives under consideration are:

  • Free internet connections to community halls
  • Provision of IT equipment for community use
  • Digital and online training for residents
  • Apprenticeships for Hackney residents
  • Employment opportunities with fibre internet providers for Hackney residents

Please tell us what you think of the community benefits listed above

4. Are there any other community benefits you would like to suggest?
5. Are there any barriers or issues that impact your ability to access the internet? Tick all that apply