Butterfield Green User Survey

Closed 10 Nov 2014

Opened 17 Oct 2014

Feedback updated 12 Nov 2015

We asked

When you used Butterfield Green, how long was a typical visit and for what purpose did you visit. We also asked you for your opinions of the gardens and your future ideas to improve the space.

You said

You told us that you used the space each week for between 15 minute and 1 hour. Reasons for your visiting included enjoying nature, to use the play area and to take a short cut and these formed your main likes about the site. To improve the site we should look at improving the sporting offer and the planting.

We did

All results have been entered into the Management Plan for Butterfield Green and placed upon the Action Plan to implement proposals and changes where possible.

Results updated 12 Nov 2015

A small scale consultation was held at the Apple Day event in October 2014.  The survey was also available on the Councils Online Consultation Site Citizen Space.  In total there were 29 responses to the user survey. 

The consultation results were placed in the Butterfield Green Management Plan and will be used to improve the green space and inform funding applications to improve the space.



Butterfield Green is a highly valued green space in Stoke Newington.  It holds a Green Flag award which are given to the best green spaces in the country and are awarded each year to make sure the quality of the green space remains high.
The Butterfield Green User Survey seeks to gather your views on Butterfield Green so we are better informed to improve and develop the green space in the future.


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