Gambling Statement of Principles Consultation (2024)

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Closes 4 Aug 2024


In January 2007, the Council produced and published its gambling statement setting out the principles it would apply in deciding whether to grant or refuse applications. The Statement of Principles seeks to promote the licensing objectives and guidance from the Gambling Commission, an independent co-regulator of gambling operators. This sets out how the Council has built on these core objectives, developing an approach to licensing premises for gambling that reflect local circumstances in the Borough.

The Council must review the Statement at least once every three years and consult upon the draft before it is adopted.

In drafting this Statement, we have been mindful of the demographics of our borough and how that links to the licensing objectives set out in the Gambling Act 2005.

At present there are no casinos in Hackney and the Council has previously passed a ‘no casino’ resolution and will consider this step again shortly in the future.

We welcome this opportunity to receive your views on this draft Statement and your feedback on its impact on managing gambling activity for the benefit of the economy and the community in Hackney.

To view the draft revised gambling Statement of Principles please click here.

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