Town Hall Square

Closed 16 Jun 2024

Opened 6 May 2024


What we’re doing

Hackney Town Hall Square is the heart of Hackney Central, connecting the Grade II listed Hackney Town Hall, the iconic Hackney Empire, and essential community facilities like Hackney Central Library and the Hackney Museum.

To enhance the square's potential, Hackney Council has commissioned muf architecture/art to redesign it, ensuring it better serves the diverse communities of Hackney. 

Why we’re doing it

Feedback from Hackney residents underscores the need for public spaces that reflect and celebrate the local community's rich culture. While the square is a cherished historical and civic asset, there's significant potential to improve its accessibility, enhance its heritage character, and foster inclusivity by bringing together local communities.

How we’re doing it

Funded by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities as part of the Levelling Up Fund, this project prioritises community input. We're inviting a diverse range of stakeholders, including young people, disabled residents, community groups representing different cultures/ethnicities, and neighbouring businesses and community groups, to participate in workshops over the coming weeks. This will culminate in a public workshop with the architects.

In addition, we will be holding two public events in the Town Hall Square:

The upcoming events scheduled around the Town Hall Square project have been postponed until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will be actively working to rearrange these events and will update you as soon as new dates have been confirmed. We appreciate your continued support and interest in the Town Hall Square project.

Please check back here for more details of these events, or sign up for our newsletter here.


Please let us know your thoughts by completing a short questionnaire about your current use of the square and its significance to you at the bottom of this page. You can also share images that capture what makes the square special to you. 

Additionally, we'll be engaging with local community, business, and cultural groups to ensure a comprehensive understanding of community needs and aspirations. We acknowledge that you may have participated in previous consultations regarding Hackney Central. Rest assured, this effort builds upon past initiatives, focusing on shaping the future of Hackney Town Hall Square while learning from previous engagements.

Next steps

The conversation doesn't stop here. We're also conducting an extensive 'listening and learning' exercise throughout April and May to gather input from a wide range of voices. In the weeks ahead, our engagement with key stakeholder groups will continue as we embark on the design phase for the project. This ongoing dialogue is crucial as we craft solutions that truly reflect the diverse voices of Hackney.

When these designs have begun to take shape, we'll be returning this summer to unveil our evolving vision for Hackney Town Hall Square. Your input will be pivotal as we refine and tailor our plans to ensure they resonate with our community, please sign up for the Hackney Central newsletter to be kept updated on future events.

Why your views matter

In our survey, we've asked about what makes this space special to you or your community. You can share your thoughts, memories, and ideas by completing the questionnaire linked at the bottom of this page. Additionally, we encourage you to browse through the submissions we've received so far, offering a glimpse into the diverse experiences and connections within our community. We hope they inspire you to reflect on your own memories and perhaps even share them with us.

The survey responses and feedback collected will be instrumental in developing preliminary designs for the Town Hall Square. These designs will be presented for further consultation in the summer.



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