Marvin Street, Sylvester Road and Penpoll Road New pocket park and transport facilities

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Closes 20 Dec 2023


1. About you:
2. Are you a:
3. Please indicate your level of agreement with the proposed improvements for Marvin Street, Sylvester Road, and Penpoll Road as outlined in the consultation document:
4. We want to hear your thoughts on what Marvin Street should include to inform our designs. Tell us what you would like to see on Marvin Street, Sylvester Road and Penpoll Road and/or any comments on our proposals.

How we use your feedback

Due to the high volume of consultation forms we expect to be returned, it may not be possible to provide an individual response to everyone. However, we will consider all comments received to help us make a decision about the proposals.

We can only consider your response if you supply your address and postcode. You do not need to supply your name. Under the Local Government Act 1985, all replies will be available for public inspection although names will not be made public.