Chatsworth Road and Brooksby's Walk Accessibility Improvement Measures

Closed 21 Mar 2016

Opened 11 Feb 2016


The Council is committed to making Hackney a vibrant and safe place for everyone living, working and visiting the Borough. Creating an environment that will encourage more walking and cycling is a key part of the Council’s transport vision and an essential part of Hackney’s Community Strategy. As part of this commitment, the Council is considering proposals to improve the local environment on Chatsworth Road and Brooksby’s Walk. This will provide a safer and more accessible street environment for all users.

Chatsworth Road and Brooksby’s Walk form an important strategic transport link between Lea Bridge Road (A104) and Homerton High Street (A102). It is an important local shopping area for residents, including local pedestrians and cyclists who use the street on daily basis, including the Chatsworth Road Market at the weekend.

The Council has been looking at ways in which to improve Chatsworth Road and Brooksby’s Walk to make it safer and easier to walk or cycle.

Supporting and encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport, as alternatives to private car use has a number of well documented benefits. The key benefits for business and residents include; reduced pressure and congestion on the road network: improved safety; reduced pollution/emissions; improved accessibility & permeability for cyclist using Chatsworth Road; and the promotion of a healthy active lifestyle amongst residents.

Why your views matter

This consultation document is about gathering views from the public (i.e. business and residents) on the proposals in Chatsworth Road and Brooksby’s Walk.

The Proposals include:

  • Widened pavement at the junction of Homerton Grove/Brooksby’s Walk and new raised table across Brooksby’s Walk;
  • New raised zebra crossing on Brooksby’s Walk opposite Spar;
  • Existing crossing to be raised at Chatsworth Road/Clifden Road;
  • Widened pavement and raised table at junction of Chatsworth Road and Dunlace Road;
  • Widened pavement and raised table at junction of Chatsworth Road and Glenarm Road;
  • New build-out widened pavement adjacent to Clapton Park Methodist Church;
  • Existing crossing to be raised at Brooksby’s Walk/Homerton High Street;
  • Contra-flow cycle access to one-way roads at Chatsworth Road/Clifden Road, Chatsworth Road/Dunlace Road, Chatsworth Road/Glenarm Road and Chatsworth Road/Blurton Road;
  • Additional cycle parking;
  • Cycle road marking and signing along Clifden Road, Dunlace Road and Glenarm Road;
  • Landscape improvements including new seating areas and additional trees where possible;
  • Removal of street clutter including unwanted bollards, sign posts and signs.

Please see overview plan for more detail of these proposals.

In addition to these proposals, the Council is currently investigating improvements at the junction of Chatsworth Road/Powerscroft Road/Millfields as part of TfL’s Cycle Quietways Route 2 that connects Bloomsbury to Walthamstow. Further engagements with residents/businesses will take place at a later stage.

Area wide traffic management study:

The Council has received requests to provide further road closures on some streets surrounding Chatsworth Road. To do this, the Council will need to undertake an area wider study that includes all streets connecting to Chatsworth Road to determine appropriate locations for further closures to minimise the impact of traffic displacement on surrounding streets. The Council would like your views on if you would like us to proceed with this study and if you feel there is an issue with through traffic on your street.

What happens next

Your views will be taken account as part of the detailed design process. Subject to feedback from the consultation process it is expected that works would be programmed to commence during late April 2016.

Residents and businesses will be informed of any changes to construction dates and an additional notification document will be sent out before the works start, detailing temporary traffic management measures that may be necessary to facilitate construction.


  • Homerton
  • King's Park
  • Lea Bridge


  • Business
  • Residents
  • General public


  • Understanding views
  • Gathering ideas
  • Traffic and transportation
  • Planning