Evering Road with Maury Road Junction Improvement Scheme

Closed 17 Sep 2014

Opened 1 Jul 2014


Improving road safety and encouraging the use of sustainable transport modes are key transport priorities for Hackney Council. To achieve these, the Council has developed a programme of schemes to provide a safer and more accessible
street environment for pedestrians and cyclists.
The junction of Evering Road with Maury Road has been identified as a key pedestrian crossing location. There are a number of schools nearby and a significant proportion of pedestrian movements at the junction are associated with journeys to and from local schools. The proposals set out in this document have been designed to provide safer and more convenient conditions for pedestrians at the junction, particularly those
travelling to and from school.

Why your views matter

This consultation document is about gathering views from the public on the proposals at the junction of Evering Road with Maury Road.
The Proposals include:
• Replacing an existing pedestrian refuge island in Evering Road with a raised zebra crossing to reduce traffic speed, and provide a safe and convenient crossing point for pedestrians.
• Laying new anti skid road surfacing on approaches to the new zebra crossing to
improve safety
• Extending the footpath in Evering Road to improve sight lines to and from the
zebra crossing and provide more space for pedestrians
• Constructing a raised crossing over the northern arm of Maury Road to provide a safe
and convenient crossing point for pedestrians. By making the road the same level as the footpath here, and at the proposed zebra crossing, it would be easier for wheelchair users and those with pushchairs to cross the road
• Introducing a cycle contra flow along Maury Road from Evering Road to Brook Road to improve cycle access through the area
• Repaving the footpath around the junction to provide improved streetscape
• Removing four parking spaces and relocating one disabled bay in order to provide the necessary clear stopping sight distances to ensure the zebra crossing is in line with recognised safety guidelines
The attached map shows the details of the proposals.


What happens next

Subject to feedback from the consultation process it is expected that works would be programmed to commence during autumn 2014.


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