Luke Street - Proposed Public Realm Improvements

Closed 11 Jun 2023

Opened 15 May 2023

Results updated 14 Dec 2023

Thank you to everyone who responded to this consultation.

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We are seeking your views on our proposals to transform Luke Street into a greener, more pleasant and safer street for all users and visually connect this public space with the recent upgrade of other public realm improvement areas in Shoreditch.

Why are these changes being proposed?

These proposals form part of the long term vision for streets in Hoxton East and Shoreditch and Hoxton West wards which reflect our aspirations for this thriving and dynamic area of London. We want to create streets that are safe, easy and attractive to walk or cycle on and reduce vehicle dominance. The Council’s Transport Strategy recognises that roads and streets in our neighbourhoods are not just places to park vehicles or drive, walk and cycle on; they make up the largest element of the public realm of the city and are the places where we socialise and live our lives. We would like to transform Hackney’s neighbourhoods into the most attractive and liveable neighbourhoods in London.

This aspiration can only be achieved by reducing the dominance of the private vehicle primarily through managing on-street parking and reducing traffic flows.

An over-emphasis on the use of the road by cars has undermined the environmental quality of this locality for people walking and cycling. The pavements in the vicinity are narrow and are poorly designed for pedestrians. The aim of this project is to make this junction more attractive, safer and welcoming. The proposals include the installation of two rain gardens which will make this junction greener and safer as well as reducing the risk of flooding.

The approach we are taking includes a series of public realm improvement schemes as part of Shoreditch Plan (Phase II), intended to improve walking and cycling conditions in areas within Shoreditch and Hoxton identified with high footfall activity. All projects aim to enhance pedestrian experience, improve safety for all users and where possible connect green areas or areas with special interest within Shoreditch.

Works to improve the environment for pedestrians while enhancing public realm have been completed within the last three years at Pitfield Street Triangle, Worship Square, New North Road, Willow/Ravey Street and New Inn Broadway.

All the public realm schemes that form part of the Shoreditch Plan aim to:

  • reduce car dominance
  • reduce potential road accidents
  • make it easier and safer to walk and cycle
  • improve the character of the area for all residents and businesses
  • improve pedestrian experience by changing the way the roads feel, look and are used by planting more trees
  • introducing seating (where appropriate)
  • resurfacing footways and carriageways with high quality material where budget allows
  • reduce levels of pollution locally where possible.

What are the proposals?

This area is currently a junction of several roads (Phipp Street, Luke Street, Christina Street and Ravey Street) with a large expanse of carriageway emphasising vehicle priority. The proposals are:

  • Reducing carriageway space to create a mini park space within this junction of quiet roads to aid local character and encourage pedestrian movements.
  • Incorporating an informal crossing at the junction of Luke Street and Phipp Street to aid north-south pedestrian movements and a new dropped kerb and textured paving to assist those with visual impairments at the junction of Christina Road and Phipp Street. This will assist pedestrians who wish to use the eastern footway along Phipp Street.
  • Introducing two large sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) rain gardens which will be complemented by tree planting. A SuDS mimics natural drainage and is designed to capture surface water to prevent overloading of the sewer system. A rain garden is a type of SuDS designed to capture rainfall before it enters the piped network and use the water to sustain planting and help to increase biodiversity. It can have a major impact on surface water runoff by preventing flooding, particularly in urban areas.

  • Approximately 25 metres (equivalent to 4.5 parking spaces) of parking provision would need to be removed to allow for the implementation of the rain gardens and additional cycle parking provision.
  • Eight new Sheffield cycle stands would be provided on Phipp Street just south of the junction with Christina Street to accommodate the increased demand for cycle parking in the area
  • These proposals do not change vehicle or bike access to the area.

What happens next?

Your views will be taken into account as part of the detailed design process. We will publish the consultation responses as well as the decisions made at

Permanent works

If the scheme goes ahead, following consultation, we expect construction works to start around early September 2023 with completion in eight to ten weeks. Further information regarding the works will be sent out closer to the time.


For further information on these proposals, please contact the Hackney Service Centre by calling 020 8356 2897 or by emailing

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  • Hoxton East and Shoreditch
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