Hackney Central Regeneration – Morning Lane Triangle

Closed 12 Sep 2014

Opened 22 Aug 2014

Feedback updated 23 Jan 2015

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Do you have any comments on the proposed scheme or measures?

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The consultation document is attached to this report for reference. Five hundred copies of the public consultation document were sent out to local residents and shop owners around the Morning Lane / Trelawney Estate Area. The consultation document was also published on the web where residents could post their comments on the proposals. The consultation started on 21st August 2014 and finished on 12th September 2014. A meeting was held with shop owners/freeholders on 5th September 2014 to discuss the proposals in person. All very generally supportive of the scheme

We did

DECISION: MORNING LANE PUBLIC REALM IMPROVEMENTS Agree to: 1. Note the favourable outcome of the public consultation exercise. 2. Give approval to proceed with the implementation of the public realm improvements outside 2 – 20 Morning Lane. 3. Give approval to advertise statutory notices for the installation of a raised entry treatment table at the junction of Morning Lane with the service Road, and advertise waiting and loading/parking changes within the service road. Reason:- The proposals will: 1. Improve pedestrian accessibility by removing the existing, significant, cross-fall gradient between building line to carriageway, through the introduction of a tiered public realm treatment - with steps and ramps to maintain appropriate access. 2. Improve accessibility for pedestrians by providing step free crossing points at the junction of the service lane and Morning Lane, and by reducing and rationalising street furniture 3. Provide a pleasant, attractive public realm with trees and seating areas where pedestrian can enjoy the open space with improved air quality. 4. Provide loading and disabled parking facilities for adjacent businesses.



One of the Council’s major development strategies is the regeneration of town centres around the borough to encourage investment opportunities to come to the borough.

In line with this policy, a number of developments have either been implemented or are earmarked to take place over the next few years within the Hackney Central area.

As part of this regeneration drive, the Council has developed proposals for public realm improvements outside the local shops on Morning Lane between Vallette Street and the service road next to ‘The Globe’ public house. We are referring to this area as ‘The Morning Lane Triangle’. The improvements are aimed at creating a more attractive, accessible and functional public space which should benefit local businesses.

Proposals to create a new pocket park on neighbouring Trelawney Estate are also currently being developed. This will transform the housing estate and compliment the Morning Lane Triangle, creating a wider set of improvements in the section of Morning Lane opposite Tesco Superstore.

This consultation seeks the views of residents and property owners affected by the public realm proposals outside 2 to 20 Morning Lane as described in this document.

Proposals (please refer to the 'Area Map' under the 'Related Documents' section below)

The proposals include: 

  • Removing the current bus stop lay-by to create a larger effective area for pedestrians and public use.


  • Creating a raised terraced area outside nos. 8 – 18 Morning Lane, with access via steps and a number of ramps to ensure it is accessible for everyone. A raised terraced area is being proposed in order to reduce the gradient of the pavement, which is currently very severe and can be problematic.


  • Removing unnecessary street furniture including three existing telephone boxes. One telephone box will be retained.


  • Introducing a number of new trees.


  • New footway materials including concrete paving slabs, tactile paving, granite kerbs and special treatments around trees. The private forecourt outside ‘The Globe’ public house will be refurbished using different materials. 


  • New seating to encourage greater pedestrian activity. 


  • Installing a raised entry treatment table across the adjacent service road to provide a step free crossing point for pedestrians and better linkage with the adjacent Pocket Park on the Trelawney Estate. 


  • Installing an inset loading bay with unrestricted loading facilities on the service road.


How we use your feedback

We will not be able to reply to you individually, but we will consider your comments, together with road safety research and statistics, to help us make a decision about the proposals.

We can only accept one reply per household

We can only consider your response if you supply your address and post code. You do not need to supply your name. Under the Local Government Act 1985, all replies will be available for public inspection, so we cannot guarantee your response will remain confidential.

What happens next

Your views will be taken into account as part of the detailed design process. Works are expected to start in October 2014 should we get a positive response. May we take this opportunity to thank you for replying to this consultation.


For further information, please contact us on:

0208 356 2897 or by email at: info@hackney.gov.uk



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