Olinda Road - Traffic Management Scheme - Point no-entry (six month trial)

Closed 26 May 2019

Opened 23 Apr 2019

Results Updated 8 Jan 2020

This consultation is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who responded.

Following the positive outcome of the public consultation exercise for Olinda Road and Craven Park Road these proposals will be implemented on a trial basis for six months.

The implementation of the proposed point no-entry at the western end of Olinda Road - banning eastbound traffic, except cycles, from crossing the point closure - will be subject to a statutory process to advertise the respective experimental order.

Traffic surveys, before and after the trial period, will be carried out to assess the outcome of the scheme.



This consultation is about gathering views from the public on proposals to alleviate traffic issues along Olinda Road and Craven Park Road.

Why are these changes being proposed?

The Council is committed to making our roads safer for everyone living, working and visiting the borough. These changes aim to create an environment that will encourage more walking and cycling, improve air quality and reduce emissions within the local area.

Our Transport Strategy includes a Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan, which recognises that local streets are not just places to park vehicles or drive, walk and cycle on. They are places where we socialise and live our lives. An aspiration is to reclaim our streets from motor traffic congestion and transform them into the most attractive and liveable neighbourhoods in London.

This area has problems with traffic created by a lack of road width on Olinda Road to accommodate free flowing traffic in opposite directions. These issues are exacerbated by the constant use of this road by large HGVs and the high volume of parking demand in the area.

As a result of this and recognising that improving road safety and managing the road network as effectively and efficiently as possible are key transport priorities for both Hackney and Haringey Councils, new traffic proposals have been developed which would alleviate some of the traffic concerns.

What is the proposed scheme?

The following traffic management measure is proposed:

  • Introduction of a point of no-entry at the western end of Olinda Road.

The proposed point would be marked by two ‘No-Entry’ signs banning eastbound traffic, except cycles, from crossing the point closure. This would create a traffic orientation in which vehicles would be traveling predominately in a westerly direction along Olinda Road.

Unlike a more traditional one-way road, the point of no-entry would only restrict traffic at that precise location, allowing two-way traffic on the rest of Olinda Road and Craven Park Road. Please download the consultation drawing using the links at the bottom of the page for further details of the proposals.

It is anticipated these proposals would alleviate some of the traffic issues as the proposed measures—which do not require any loss of parking—would maintain vehicular access for residents and businesses along Craven Park Road and Olinda Road while restricting eastbound movements along Olinda Road.

What happens next?

The implementation of these proposals—first through a six month trial—are subject to the outcome of the public consultation and engagement with stakeholders. This means that traffic data, before and after implementation, would be compared at the end of the trial period and the performance of the point of no-entry would be evaluated.

The before and after traffic data will then be presented back to residents, asking your views on the trialled traffic management measures.

Your views will also be taken into account as part of the detailed design process. We will publish the consultation responses as well as the decisions made on this page.

To keep up to date with this and other plans, please visit hackney.gov.uk/street-consultations


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