Hackney Central green corridor

Closes 29 Feb 2024

Opened 11 Sep 2023


CGI image of what the green corridor could look like.

Consultation is expected to begin in early 2024

What we’re doing

We’re delivering on longstanding commitments to make the Amhurst Road and Pembury Circus greener and safer to create a new green corridor through the heart of Hackney Central.

This could include:

  • Turning the main road along Amhurst Road between Mare Street and Pembury Circus into a green route with new pocket parks, greenery and seating
  • Redesigning Pembury Circus junction to improve how pedestrians, cyclists and buses move through the space safely and swiftly.
  • Reclaiming space from motor traffic for people as part of 23,000 sqm of improvements to public spaces
  • Reducing through traffic through Hackney Central town centre via Pembury Circus and Amhurst Road
  • Complementing the improved gateways into Hackney Central at Hackney Central and Hackney Downs stations

Why we’re doing it

Amhurst Road is part of the major road network taking traffic through the heart of Hackney Central, resulting in poor air quality, dangerous road junctions and a disconnected town centre.

Reducing traffic along this route will mean we can reclaim space from cars for people, delivering on the feedback local people gave us about the need for more trees and planting, and more pavement space to get about.

Less traffic also means we can deliver on our longstanding commitment to make Pembury Circus – one of the most dangerous junctions in the borough – safer for pedestrians and cyclists.  This is only possible by reducing traffic on one of the main approaches to the junction.

Together, these changes help deliver on our ambition for a town centre with more public space and greenery, less traffic and pollution, and better access to get about on foot or by bike.

How we’re doing it

We’re developing detailed plans for these changes based on extensive engagement with local people over a number of years. This includes the Hackney Central Conversation, where people made clear that a greener, healthier town centre was a priority, and engagement on previous proposals to improve Pembury Circus and Amhurst Road.

We’ll keep you informed about these plans, and the opportunities to help inform the changes that take place. 

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