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  • Hackney’s Young People’s Survey 2017/2018

    Young Hackney and Hackney Youth Parliament are consulting with all young people aged 6- 19 about your experience taking part in the services which Young Hackney provides. This survey will help provide us with information to continue to improve the Young Hackney services for young people within... More
    Closed 4 days ago
  • Sustainability in Parks

    CC Image Clissold Park, courtesy of David Holt on Flickr Hackney has one of the largest expanses of green spaces in inner London. We have 58 parks, gardens and open spaces which welcome millions of visitors each year. The council would like to hear from you about how you use these... More
    Closed 2 weeks ago
  • Housing Related Support Service Consultation

    Hackney Council is going to make changes to Housing Related Support, Floating Support and Housing with Care services in 2019 As part of this process, the Council is working with Advocacy Project, an independent organisation, to gather the views of current recipients of Housing related... More
    Closed 2 weeks ago
  • Hackney "Ditch the Fizz" Sugary Drinks Survey

    Sugar Smart Hackney aims to reduce excessive sugar consumption in the borough in order to improve health. More
    Closed 2 weeks ago
  • HEARING SEND VOICES - a co-design Launch

    THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL If you woul like receive information on future events, please e-mail Welcome to the Hearing SEND voices - a co-design launch event registration page. The community event will be held at central Hackney location on Tuesday 26th... More
    Closed 3 weeks ago
  • How involved are you in your local community?

    This very brief consultation aims to measure your level of involvement in your local community. Do you provide unpaid help, for example, by helping an elderly neighbour? Or maybe you volunteer for a local school, or help out at a local charity? Or do you find it difficult because you are working?... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Changes to bus services in Hackney

    In Hackney, most people do not own a car and rely on public transport to get around the borough and travel to other parts of London. While we have seen improvements with the opening of the London Overground, there are very few train and tube stations compared to other... More
    Closed 3 months ago
  • Things to Make you Think! Feedback

    Tell us what you thought. It was great to see you at our recent Things to Make you Think! Event. Please tell us what you thought... More
    Closed 3 months ago
  • Clapton Park TMO CPZ Consultaion

    We are consulting with Clapton Park Management Organisation residents over the introduction of a controlled parking scheme on the estate to help alleviate both the existing and future issues that residents face with parking. Please note that this consultation relates to estate parking and not... More
    Closed 3 months ago
  • 2017/18 Post Audit Survey

    Dear Colleague. To help us assess and improve the quality of the Council’s internal audit service, please complete this questionnaire. Please assess the quality and value of the recent work undertaken for you by Internal Audit More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • Review of Parking Zone E and E.ext (Stoke Newington) Consultation

    As part of our Parking Enforcement Plan (PEP) we have made a commitment to review existing Parking Zones (PZ) to ensure that the controls in the area continue to meet the needs of residents and businesses. Parking Services are aware that there have been a number of changes to roads within... More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • Hackney Hate Crime Strategy

    Please read Hackney Council's draft strategy for tackling hate crime before completing the questionnaire by: 23 March 2018. Hate crime is often targeted towards a person’s identity and can have a harmful effect on its victims and whole communities. The police and the CPS define hate crime... More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • Hackney VCS Grants Programme

    This survey is designed to obtain feedback on the 2018/19 Main Grant application process. The feedback will help to make appropriate changes to the application process and improve the experience for future application rounds. More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • Great Eastern Buildings new resident survey

    Great Eastern is your neighbourhood and your opinions are important in helping shape its future. Your views help us to understand what parts of your new home work well for you and your family and which could be improved. This will inform future regeneration and development of the borough. ... More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • Stage One and Two 'combined' consultation - Introduction of parking controls in Zone U (Upper Clapton Area)

    The Council recently consulted and implemented parking controls in nearby roads in the Lea Bridge and Hackney Downs Wards in 2017. Since parking controls were introduced in the above areas, Parking Services have received a high number of requests for the introduction of parking controls from... More
    Closed 4 months ago
  • Hackney Council's Strategy for Tackling Hate Crime - Workshop Invitation

    Welcome to the Hate Crime Strategy Workshop registration page. Here you can sign up to the Workshops to give your ideas and feedback on how the draft strategy could make a difference in your community. We would also value your feedback on the key objectives and actions identified in the strategy... More
    Closed 5 months ago
  • Future Shoreditch Issues and Options

    Take a look at the Future Shoreditch Issues & Options document and tell us what you think by completing this questionnaire. The document is available to view at various libraries and council offices and online at Details of the relevant sections of the... More
    Closed 5 months ago
  • New Inn Yard Public Realm Improvement Scheme

    This is the second stage of consultation for New Inn Yard following the first stage in 2017, where we indicated there was a forthcoming scheme for the street and looked for ideas and the identification of issues. Since then, we have been working on a scheme influenced by the responses... More
    Closed 5 months ago
  • City Fringe Ultra Low Emission Streets

    Help us improve the City Fringe Ultra Low Emission Streets are streets where Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets Councils are going to support and prioritise low pollution transport so that we can reduce the harmful effects of pollution in the City Fringe. We would like your views on... More
    Closed 5 months ago
  • Consultation on the Hackney Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018

    What is a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)? The Hackney Health and Wellbeing Board is hosted by the London Borough of Hackney. The government requires all... More
    Closed 5 months ago
  • West Bank - Environmental and cycle improvements

    This consultation seeks to gather your views on Hackney Council’s proposals to improve the environment for cycling as part of the Cycle Superhighway Route 1 (CS1) on West Bank between Amhurst Park and Dunsmure Road. The proposals will create a protected cycle track by removing... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Walford Road area - Environmental Improvements

    This document seeks to gather your views on Hackney Council’s proposals for improving the environment for residents and general road users and controlling traffic flows in the Walford Road area. Last year, as part of Cycle Superhighway Route 1 (CS1), three roads were closed to through... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Investing in New SEND Provision Consultation

    Welcome to the investing in new SEND provision consultation. Hackney has been allocated nearly £2 million of capital funding to help create new school places and improve existing facilities for children and young people with SEND. The funding is intended for children and young people who... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Hackney Business Survey

    Hackney Council would like to find out how it can improve the services it provides to local businesses and understand how it can create a working relationship with you and help your business to grow and prosper. If you are a business owner or involved in running a business in Hackney, we... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Community Strategy

    The Community Strategy sets out the Council’s overarching vision for Hackney as it grows and changes over the next decade. It will provide a backdrop for all of our decision making throughout this period and a focus for working in partnership with residents, businesses, the voluntary and... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Licensing Policy Consultation

    The Licensing Act 2003 requires that the Council review the Licensing Policy at least every five years, consulting the public on a draft Licensing Policy and making revisions to the policy as appropriate. The proposed policy is made up of five key proposals: Changes to the Special... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Lansdowne Drive and Westgate Street School Street

    The Council is committed to making Hackney’s roads safer for everyone living, working and visiting the borough. These changes aim to create an environment that will encourage more walking and cycling, improve air quality and reduce emissions within the London Fields area. This... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Queensbridge Road - Middleton Road Area - Environmental Improvements

    The consultation close date has been extended to Friday 5 January to produce more consultation packets to distribute in the area and allow consultees sufficient time to respond. The consultation extension will also allow respondents to consider and complete the Lansdowne Drive and Westgate Street... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Stage One and Two 'combined' consultation - Introduction of parking controls in Zone T displacement area (Stamford Hill)

    Between October and November 2015, Parking Services consulted you and surrounding roads in your area on the introduction of parking controls. The results of the consultation indicated that a number of streets nearby, including Alkham Road and Margaret Road, were in support of parking controls. As... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • SEND Funding Arrangements Consultation

    The changes detailed in this consultation focus on revising the current Resource Level Arrangements to ensure that funding for special education needs or SEND is sustainable and that those children and young people with the greatest needs are supported. Please read the consultation summary... More
    Closed 7 months ago
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