A greener Hackney Central

What you told us

We love Hackney Central, but we know from our conversations with local people some of the issues it faces.

The town centre is dominated by traffic, in particular the main road through Mare Street and Amhurst Road, with major junctions at Graham Road, Morning Lane and Well Street.

The result of this is an area with busy footfall but poor air quality. Pembury Circus has the highest recorded levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution in Hackney, and Amhurst Road has among the highest levels.

Thousands of people took part in the Hackney Central Conversation and helped create the Hackney Central Town Centre Strategy. You identified priorities including:

  • reducing the impact of traffic in the town centre
  • creating a better environment for walking and cycling.
  • recognising the value of local parks and green spaces
  • encouraging more small-scale green spaces
The area generally needs more trees, plants and green spaces around (and less cars) to clean the air, increase biodiversity, give people spaces to rest and connect with nature and each other respectively.

What we're doing

Based on your feedback, we will create a greener, healthier town centre that’s more attractive and accessible for residents and visitors to spend time in. That means less traffic congestion, reduced air pollution, improved walking and cycling routes and much more green space.

This will support the delivery of the Hackney Central town centre strategy, developed in partnership with the local community, to implement measures to fight against the effects of climate change, move towards zero carbon, improve biodiversity and reduce waste.

image of people under trees

How we're doing it

We’re making a comprehensive plan to make Hackney Central greener and healthier. There will be a new green corridor of trees and pocket parks along Amhurst Road. This would link Hackney Central and Hackney Downs stations.


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Significantly reducing traffic along this route would remove one of the direct routes of traffic into Hackney Central town centre, providing opportunities to improve air quality and make two of the most dangerous junctions at Pembury Circus and Mare Street-Graham Road safer.


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This will also enable the transformation of public spaces at Hackney Central Station and Hackney Downs Station to create more welcoming entrances – part of 23,000 sqm of improved public spaces planned in the town centre.


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We’re also proposing quick improvements that can make Hackney Central greener straight away, starting with a new green link and pocket park off Graham Road at Marvin Street. 

Get involved

Marvin Street pocket park

Consultation is expected to begin in early 2024 What we’re doing While we’re proposing transformational changes to public spaces across Hackney Central, we also want to make small-scale improvements that can make a big difference quickly. One of these is Marvin Street – a small cul-de-sac off Graham Road, where there’s an opportunity to replace a space dominated by car parking with a new pocket park for Hackney Central. Why we’re doing it One of the...

Hackney Downs station gateway

Consultation is expected to begin in Winter 2023 What we’re doing While less busy than Hackney Central station, Hackney Downs station is used by thousands of residents, visitors and commuters daily, and is one of the top 100 busiest stations in the UK. That’s why we’re investing in public spaces around Hackney Downs station to create a better gateway into the area and respond to feedback about difficulty accessing the station. Why we’re doing it Despite...

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