Hackney Draft Transport Strategy 2014 - 2024

Closed 7 Nov 2014

Opened 28 Jul 2014

Results expected 1 Jun 2015



 Transport strategy consultation

We are now consulting on the future of transport in the borough for the next ten years with the launch of the Draft Transport Strategy 2014 - 2024.

The transport strategy consists of an overarching document which sets out the Council’s strategic transportation aims, objectives and priorities, and six daughter plans that will make up the Hackney Transport Strategy:

  • Hackney Transport Strategy Overarching Document
  • Walking Plan
  • Cycling Plan
  • Public Transport Plan
  • Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan
  • Road Safety Plan (2014-2016)
  • Sustainable Transport Draft SPD


Why your views matter

The draft strategy vision is that by 2024 Hackney’s transport system will be an exemplar for sustainable urban living in London. It will be fair, equitable, safe and responsive to the needs of its residents and businesses, facilitating the highest quality of life standards for a borough in the Capital and leading London in its approach to tackling its urban transport challenges of the 21st Century.

Hackney’s Draft Transport Strategy contains a number of policies and proposals that seek to continue the borough’s success in achieving high walking rates, the highest cycling rates in London, and securing better public transport options with respect to Crossrail 2, the West Anglia line and improving accessibility in the east of the borough.

The results of this consultation will inform Hackney’s Transport Strategy which is expected to be finalised by spring 2015.

As part of the public consultation process we would like your opinions and comments on the draft document. We are particularly interested in whether you support the aims, objectives, principles and targets in the Transport Strategy and associated plans, and especially the individual proposals and policies included in the documents.

A hard copy questionnaire and strategy document is available at the Hackney Service Centre and at all libraries around the borough or by phone request to 020 8356 8023.

All comments must be received by 5pm on Friday 7November 2014.

In addition to completing the questionnaire on the draft strategy, you can also log specific issues using our interactive map tool.

We are  also consulting on its Air Quality Action Plan.


What happens next

Comments can also be submitted by writing to Hackney Transport Strategy 2014-2024 Consultation,Transport Planning team,1st Floor Keltan House,89-115 Mare St, London E8 4RU. To comment on the strategy email movegreener@hackney.gov.uk

The results of this consultation will inform Hackney’s Transport Strategy which is expected to be finalised by spring 2015.

 Air Quality Action Plan 2014-2018

In addition to the Transport Strategy, the Council is also consulting on its Air Quality Action Plan.  



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