Lower Clapton Road & Clarence Place Proposals Quietway 2: Bloomsbury To Walthamstow Consultation

Closed 12 Aug 2016

Opened 13 Jul 2016

Results updated 18 Oct 2016



This consultation document is about gathering views from the public on proposals to improve the environment for cycling and pedestrians along the ‘Quietways’ route in the Lower Clapton Area. The Quietways are a network of cycle routes throughout London.

Why your views matter

The Council is committed to making Hackney’s roads safer for everyone living in, working in and visiting the borough. Creating an environment that will encourage more walking and cycling is a key part of the Council’s transport vision and an essential part of Hackney’s Transport Strategy.
In spring 2013 the Mayor of London published the Cycling Vision for London – a 10 year strategy with approximately £1bn investment to increase the levels of cycling in London. One of the primary objectives of the strategy is to create a “tube network for the bike” containing a mixture of Superhighway and Quietway routes. Quietways are well signed, connected cycle routes that provide an attractive and accessible environment for cyclists on lowtraffic roads.
One of the key objectives of the Quietways is to link destinations, following backstreet routes, through parks, along waterways or tree-lined streets. The Quietways aim to improve the cycling experience by providing cyclists with a quieter, low-traffic route for those cyclists who want to travel at a more gentle pace.
In addition to meeting this objective the Quietways will encourage the use of cleaner
and greener transport options, particularly cycling and walking. It will also reduce nonessential private car journeys which is key to the long-term objectives for the Council and brings a wide range of benefits, including:
• Reducing road danger and accidents
• Improving personal mobility
• Creating safer, cleaner, and quieter residential
• Achieving a successful balance between
pedestrians and other modes of transport, in
order to improve the pedestrian and cyclist
• Improving pedestrian and cyclist crossing
The Quietway 2 from Bloomsbury to Walthamstow begins at the boundary with Islington at Southgate Road and runs eastwards to London Fields via Middleton Road, and then north-eastwards towards Lea Bridge Road at the boundary of Waltham Forest.
A number of key issues have been identified along the Quietway 2 route and because of
this Transport for London (TfL) have provided the Council with funding to make considerable improvements.
Hackney Council is consulting residents and businesses on a range of potential proposals aimed at improving pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities in the Lower Clapton Area.
In 2010 Hackney Council consulted residents in Clapton Square about a proposal to make improvements to the pedestrian crossing on Lower Clapton Road and the closure of the eastern arm of Clapton Square. Due to concerns about an increase of through traffic on the western arm of Clapton Square the scheme wasn’t progressed further than the consultation stage.
Given the time since the last consultation, the growth in cycling and the introduction of
this new cycle route, the Council considers it appropriate to consult on a revised scheme which addresses some of the previous concerns. This new scheme proposes an additional road closure at Clarence Place to address the through traffic concern.
The proposals include:
• Introducing a parallel cycle crossing at the zebra crossing on Lower Clapton Road to
create a safer crossing facility for pedestrians and cyclists
• New raised junction table at Lower Clapton Road junction with Clapton Square to reduce
traffic speed
• Closing the eastern arm of Clapton Square at the junction with Lower Clapton Road and
extending the pavement across the junction
• Introducing a road closure at Clarence Place to prevent traffic displacement.
• Cycle and emergency vehicle access will be provided through both closures
• Maintaining two-way traffic on Clapton
• Removing three parking spaces on the eastern arm of Clapton Square by the junction with Lower Clapton Road.
• Landscape improvements including decluttering street furniture.
This crossing will link to a series of proposals along the Quietway 2 Route:
• Churchwell Path footway improvements
• Morning Lane parallel zebra and cycle crossing improvements.
• Chatsworth Road junction improvements

What happens next

Your feedback will help us reach a decision on whether to proceed with these proposals
in your area. The results of this consultation will be available at www.hackney.gov.uk.
Should the Council agree to proceed with these proposals, residents and businesses will
receive a letter and public notices advising them on the exact start date of the works.
Thank you for taking the time to reply to this consultation.


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