Marlborough Avenue Cycle Permeability

Closed 2 Mar 2015

Opened 3 Feb 2015


The Council is committed to making Hackney’s roads safer for everyone living, working or visiting the Borough. Helping to create an environment that will encourage more walking and cycling is a key part of the Council’s Transport vision and an essential part of Hackney’s Community Strategy.

To achieve this the Council has developed a programme to improve accessibility and permeability for cyclists around the borough, addressing locations where cycle access is restricted or difficult can increase route choice and make cycling much safer, attractive and convenient.

As part of the Council’s Transport Strategy, by supporting cyclists riding through quite streets and encouraging use of sustainable modes of transport, such as walking and cycling as alternatives to private car use which has a number of well documented benefits. The key benefits for residents / cyclists improved safety and promotion of a more healthy and active lifestyle amongst residents.

Marlborough Avenue has been identified as a location where cycle access is restricted or difficult for existing cyclist due to the gates being located at both ends of the road. As a way to improve accessibility for cyclists accessing Marlborough Avenue, the Council has identified the following proposals which will help improve safety conditions for both pedestrians and cyclists as well as improving accessibility and permeability for existing cyclist using Marlborough Avenue.


Why your views matter

This consultation document is about gathering views from tenants and residents of the Regents Estates concerning the proposals in Marlborough Avenue.

 The Proposals include:

• Replacement of the existing access gates with heavy duty lockable bollards

• Removal of existing road humps and improve existing carriageway

• Replacing all existing precast concrete bollards at both entrances with new metal bollards

• Refreshing existing double yellow lines.

• Installing “Motor vehicles prohibited” sign

• Improve the landscaping and planting trees in the open space

• Landscaping improvement

 A map showing the proposals is attached to this consultation

What happens next

Subject to feedback from the consultation process it is expected that works would be programmed to commence at the end of March 2015.


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