Hoxton Street Public Realm & Social Infrastructure (Follow-Up Survey)

Closed 24 Mar 2024

Opened 5 Mar 2024

Results updated 8 Apr 2024

The Hoxton Mini-Fair is coming to Hoxton Street Market on Saturday 13th April. Join us to celebrate the local organisations and the community and cultural life of Hoxton. We will be exhibiting ideas for improvements to enhance Hoxton’s public realm and its network of community and cultural spaces.

The Hoxton ‘project bank’ will be on display, containing both small and big ideas for ways to improve your local area, and there will be another opportunity to have your say on these emerging ideas.

Take part in family friendly and free activities from 11am to 4pm on Saturday 13 April at Hoxton Street Market.

Hoxton Co-Design Update:

The second Hoxton community co-design workshop took place on 14th March at the Ivy Street Family Centre. The workshop focused on prioritising improvements for Hoxton’s public realm and its network of community and cultural spaces and was attended by 45 people, including local residents and students, leaders from local organisations and representatives from the Council including Hackney's Regeneration, Markets and Culture teams.

What's Next

Following on from all the engagement to date, we are developing more detail for the shortlisted proposals. These designs will be displayed publicly on Saturday 13th April as part of the Hoxton Mini Fair. This will be an opportunity to gather more community feedback before a first selection of smaller projects are adopted by Hackney's Streetscene for delivery between June 2024 and March 2025.


Since the beginning of January 2024 we’ve been engaging with the community in and around Hoxton to better understand the priorities of local residents, businesses and organisations for improvements to Hoxton’s public realm and its network of community and cultural spaces. The aim of this project is to co-author with the community of Hoxton a ‘project bank’, containing both small and big ideas for ways to improve your local area. 

So far we’ve spoken with 49 local businesses and organisations, attended focus group sessions and are working with young people from New City College. We’ve also received 76 responses to our community questionnaire through 1-to-1 interviews on Hoxton Street and online. The first co-design session took place on 19th February at Hoxton Hall where participants from the local community shared their vision for the future of Hoxton.

Following the feedback from the local community so far, five key themes have emerged to guide future improvements in Hoxton. These are: 

  1. Putting Hoxton’s Identity & Community at the Heart of its Development
  2. A Thriving & Affordable Market Street
  3. Championing Organisations & Businesses Delivering Social Value in Hoxton
  4. Improving the Pedestrian Experience in Hoxton
  5. Realising the Potential of Hoxton’s Green Spaces

For more information about each of these topics, click here to see a summary leaflet.

What’s Next

The next community co-design session will be hosted at Ivy Street Family Centre on Thursday 14th March, taking place from 4:00pm until 5:30pm. Everyone with an interest in Hoxton’s future is welcome to join and take part.

The Hoxton Project Bank

Do you have an idea for a project in the Hoxton area? Using the themes developed by the community so far, we would love to hear your thoughts for projects both big and small. Please give your suggestions under each theme.


  • Hoxton Co-design Workshop 2

    From 14 Mar 2024 at 16:00 to 14 Mar 2024 at 17:30

    Ivy Street Family Centre, 54 Ivy Street, N1 5JE

    Contact hoxton@erectarchitecture.co.uk for more information.


  • Hoxton East and Shoreditch
  • Hoxton West


  • Business
  • Community groups/ organisations
  • VCS groups/ organisations
  • Residents
  • General public


  • Understanding views
  • Gathering ideas
  • Children and young people
  • Community safety
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Traffic and transportation
  • Sustainability
  • Democracy and participation
  • Regeneration
  • Arts & culture
  • Parks & green spaces
  • Sport & leisure
  • Voluntary and community sector organisations