Millfields Park Improvements

Closed 2 Aug 2014

Opened 19 Jul 2014

Feedback updated 26 Sep 2014

We asked

How the paddling pool area could be improved, which was the preferred design out of 5 options presented and whether the fencing should stay as it is?

You said

More seating/communal areas and some water play element. Option 5 was the most popular play area choice. Leaving the fence in place was the most popular choice

We did

We are working on designs for the paddling pool area, and incorporating your views. For the play area, we will be appointing the designers of Option 5. The fencing will remain in place around the grassed area.

Results updated 26 Sep 2014

The public consultation received 78 responses to the survey. 

Paddling Pool

The majority of respondents felt that some sort of improvements to the landscape should take place which would include more seating/communal areas where people could gather and picnic.  Some water play element should be incorporated as shown by the number of mentions of ‘paddling pool’ and ‘fountains/water features’.

Play Area

Respondents were given a choice of five play area design options and asked to indicate which ones they preferred.  The most popular option chosen was option 5, followed by, 3 and 1. 


The majority of respondents 37.33% (28) felt that the fencing at the end of Hillstowe Street should remain as it is.  32% (24) of the respondents to this question were ambivalent, choosing either ‘don’t mind’ or didn’t answer the question at all.

Other Comments

Respondents were also asked to provide further comments about the proposed improvements to the park.  The majority of respondents highlighted ‘hard and soft landscape improvements’ followed by ‘seating and furniture’ and ‘play for older children’.




The Council is delivering £700,000 of improvements at Millfields Park that includes work to pathways, entrances, the play area and the old paddling pool and want to hear your views.

Why your views matter

It is important to hear from local people who use the park now and who will use the park in the future. The views of our residents and stakeholders are valuable to the Council and we want to ensure that what is provided in the park is what people want for their community.

What happens next

information about the proposals will be available to until Saturday 26 July at Homerton Library and Clapton Library.

For more information about proposals visit and if you have any questions please contact


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