De Beauvoir Road - Proposed Traffic Management Improvements

Closed 23 Mar 2022

Opened 24 Feb 2022


We are now seeking your views on our proposal to help reduce the volume of traffic using residential roads during peak hour periods.

Why are these changes being proposed?

The Council has received comments from local residents regarding motor vehicles using De Beauvoir Road as an alternative cut through to avoid congestion along other established routes. Issues raised included that small residential roads are used by high volumes of traffic which includes larger commercial vehicles, and that these vehicles are passing two primary schools. From this the main concerns for local residents have been the noise and pollution generated by these vehicles, and road safety.

The Council’s Transport Strategy recognises that roads and streets in our neighbourhoods are not just places to drive, walk and cycle. They also make up the largest element of the public realm in the borough and are places where we socialise and live our lives. We would like to transform our neighbourhoods into the most attractive and liveable neighbourhoods in London. This can only be achieved by reducing the dominance of vehicles, primarily through the management and reduction of traffic to make our streets safe and easy to walk and cycle on and improve air quality.

Therefore, in response to residents’ comments the Council investigated the introduction of measures to help mitigate the traffic issues raised.

What is the proposal?

We are proposing to introduce a ‘no motor vehicle’ restriction, which does not apply to cyclists, across De Beauvoir Road to prevent drivers from using it as a north/south cut-through through the area.

The proposed location for the restriction is at a point midway between the junction with Tottenham Road and Buckingham Road. Emergency service and Council refuse vehicles will be exempt from the restriction, so unimpeded access continues to be provided while they carry out their essential public services.

What happens next?

Your views will be taken into account as part of the detailed design process. We will publish the consultation responses as well as the decision made at

Subject to a positive consultation outcome, the Council would be required to carry out its legal statutory consultation, at which point you would be entitled to make further comments and representations. To keep up to date with this and other plans, please visit:

Permanent works

If the proposal goes ahead, following consultation, we would expect the measures to be in place in early June 2022. Further information regarding the works would be sent out closer to the time.


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