Have your say on parking in Hackney

Closed 16 Nov 2015

Opened 20 Jul 2015


Consultation extended to Monday 16 November 2015.

Hackney Council is reviewing its Parking and Enforcement Plan (PEP) 2015-20. The PEP presents an overview of the policy and procedural basis which will guide the Council’s parking related decisions and presents a number of recommendations. We are also developing a parking charter to demonstrate how we deliver parking services fairly. We want to hear from local residents, businesses and visitors to the borough on our proposals.

The recommendations in the PEP aim to balance competing parking needs, such as the needs of disabled people, residents and local businesses. This helps to manage parking in the borough on a fair and consistent basis.

The PEP was developed to improve parking conditions in Hackney. We wanted to provide a strong policy structure to guide the Council’s parking management activities.

The overall aim of the PEP is to contribute to better, safer environment for the borough. To do this we will set out a clear and transparent way how parking management within the Borough will progress over the next five years.



To download a copy of the proposed PEP report, or the questionnaire please click on the links at the bottom of this page.

You can return the questionnaire using the details on the back. 


Our proposals include:

  • A review of parking priority according to need, with an emphasis on supporting people with disabilities, Hackney residents and local businesses
  • Changes to the implementation and review of Parking Zones (PZs)
  • Improvements to the management of skip / highway licences and external requests for changes to parking bays designs
  • Changes to permits and visitor vouchers
  • Greater clarity in enforcement measures
  • The replacement of the companion badge with a free resident permit


Why your views matter

We would like hear your views about how we can improve parking services.

We also want to hear about your parking experiences, whether positive or negative to understand how our current policies and processes are working.

We would like you share your ideas as we value your input.

What happens next

The PEP consultation closes on Monday 16 November 2015 and the results will be featured in local media.

All relevant feedback will be considered following consultation and the PEP will be revised accordingly. It will then be presented to Cabinet for approval, along with a summary of the feedback received and responses to the key points raised. This is due to happen in late 2015. The final recommendations will form a plan of work that will be carried out over the period 2015-20.

If you would like view the proposed PEP 2015-20 report, please download a copy at the bottom of this page.



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